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Wish List

BeanShell Wish List

Here are some areas we'd like to see addressed. We will be moving this stale list over to the issue tracking system or Wiki in the near future.

Note: These are not necessarily in order of importance or difficulty. I'm just trying to catalog the goals for BeanShell. If you have other ideas, please submit them.
  • Job control - It should be possible to stop a running script, at least when it is withing the interpreter's control.
  • Additional byte-code compilation - for improved performance where necesarry.
  • Introspector Gadget - GUI object inspector for the BeanShell Console/Desktop and beyond, allowing one to navigate through the object world and see methods/fields, threads, etc. in a visual way. If this were HTML based it could even be visible outside of the container.
  • Standalone BeanShell Script Compiler - Generate stand alone classes that bootstrap the interpreter, their own scripts, and perhaps perhaps stored state. We will like wish to support this in conjuction with the 2.0 release.
  • Prompt feedback for multi-line commands on the command line - e.g. change the prompt to "> " as in Bourne shell. I've made some attempts to get this working with help from the token manager, but had problems.