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New releases will happen through GitHub.

Legacy Release

bsh All Files (~280k) - Latest, beta but stable, release. This jar contains all of the packages listed below. bsh-2.0b4.jar
bsh-core Core interpreter only (~143k) - The minimal footprint, interpreter only. bsh-core-2.0b4.jar
bsh-classgen BeanShell class generation (~31k) - Adds the ability for BeanShell to script full Java classes and interpret standard Java code. bsh-classgen-2.0b4.jar
bsh-commands Shell commands (~20k) - adds useful beanshell shell commands to the core package. bsh-commands-2.0b4.jar
bsh-util BeanShell utilities (~42k) - Adds misc. utilities used by other packages and commands. bsh-util-2.0b4.jar
bsh-classpath BeanShell classpath management (~16k) - Adds class reloading and classpath capabilities to the core package. Requires Java 1.2 or greater to activate. bsh-classpath-2.0b4.jar
bsh-reflect BeanShell reflective accessibility (~1k) - Adds the ability for BeanShell to access private/protected fields, methods, and non-public classes (subject to any Java runtime security). Requires Java 1.2 or greater to activate. bsh-reflect-2.0b4.jar
bsh-bsf Apache/IBM Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) Adapter for BeanShell (~2k) - This is the necessary adapter for BeanShell to be used with BSF. bsh-bsf-2.0b4.jar

BeanShell Web Application Test Servlet

Please see the BeanShell Web Application Test Servlet page to download the example WAR. Two versions of the WAR are provided, one containing the BeanShell JAR and one relying on the container for BeanShell deployment.

Previous Releases

BeanShell - 2.0b2 All files bsh-2.0b2.jar
BeanShell - 2.0b1 All files bsh-2.0b1.jar
BeanShell - 2.0b1 All files bsh-2.0b1.jar
BeanShell - 1.3.0 All files bsh-1.3.0.jar
BeanShell - 1.3b1 All files bsh-1.3b1.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b8 All files bsh-1.2b8.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b7 All files bsh-1.2b7.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b6 All files bsh-1.2b6.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b5 All files bsh-1.2b5.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b4 All files bsh-1.2b4.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b3 All files bsh-1.2b3.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b2 All files bsh-1.2b2.jar
BeanShell - 1.2b1 All files bsh-1.2b1.jar

Please see the user manual or quick start guide for information on running BeanShell.

The BeanShell source code and developer info can be found in the Developer's Area

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