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Contact and Mailing List

Contact & Mailing Lists

Much of this content is outdated and remains only for historic reference!

The following are low volume mailing lists related to BeanShell. If you have any trouble with them please mail me directly: Pat Niemeyer (pat@pat.net).

A small amount of archived mail from the old lists is maintained for the time being.

Subscription information and mail archive search.

BeanShell Announce - This list is for announcements about new releases or major news.
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BeanShell Users - This list is for questions and general discussion about BeanShell.
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BeanShell Developers - This list is for those who are are interested in ongoing beanshell development.
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Bug reporting -
If you'd like to report a bug or possible bug that is not on the current bugs list please use the Bug Tracking System or you may send mail to: bugs@beanshell.org.