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BeanShell Developer's Area

This section holds information and resources for BeanShell developers.

The BeanShell Source Code

The source distribution contains a brief Map to the Source Code outlining the major files of the bsh package. It also contains the BeanShell Test Suite

To compile all of the modules in the BeanShell distribution requires Java version 1.3+, however BeanShell itself is backwards compatible with Java version 1.1. The Ant build file has properties which can be adjusted to exclude building modules requiring Java versions 1.2, 1.3, or external APIs such as the servlet API, BSF, and javax.script.

If you want to change the core BeanShell grammar you will also need the open source JavaCC parser generator.

Release 2.0b4

Source Snapshot - bsh-2.0b4-src.zip

Anonymous Subversion Access

The latest code is always available from the SVN server on svn.ikayzo.org. To check out a copy use the svn command like so:

    svn co http://ikayzo.org/svn/beanshell

We will provide http access to svn in the future.

The BeanShell Test Suite

A language is a complex and deeply intertwined thing. The BeanShell Test Suite is a critical part of the development process that allows us to test changes in a comprehensive way. Often, what seems like a small change can have an unexpected impact on another part of the language. The test suite currently consists of a simple test harness script and about 120 test files. You can help by adding new scripts and improving or documenting the ones that are there. We especially need more complex environment related scripts to cover areas such as web applications, class reloading, etc.

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