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Free Software License

BeanShell Software License

BeanShell is a free software project. It's continued development depends on the interest and support of users and developers like you. The source code is available for you to use and extend or integrate into your software freely under either the terms of the Sun Public License or the GNU Lesser Public License (see below).

The "cost" of this software is simply to let us know how you are using BeanShell. You can do this by filling out the BeanShell User Info Form. Please feel free to wait until you have started using BeanShell to do this.

Dual Licensing: Sun Public License / Gnu Lesser Public License

BeanShell is dual licensed under both the SPL and LGPL. You may use and develop BeanShell under either license.

Please see the Sun Public License for details.

About the LGPL

Note: the LGPL has become the "Lesser Gnu Public License" and BeanShell has adopted the new version...

A quick note about the LGPL:

The LGPL is less restrictive than the ordinary GNU Public License in that it does not force you to distribute your own applications under the terms of the GPL. It primarily requires that you include a notice that you are using the software in your documentation and provide access to the original source code. It also essentially requires that if you modify or extend BeanShell itself that you make those changes available separately, under the terms of either the LGPL or the GPL. I would ask that you accomodate this by simply sending me your bug fixes and improvement to allow me to incorporate them into the general BeanShell release. Please see the LGPL for the details.

If you have a more precise, brief explanation please let me know! Thanks! - Pat

Please also feel free to contact me: (Pat Niemeyer pat@pat.net) about other licensing arrangements.