Package bsh

Interface Summary
BshIterator An interface implemented by classes wrapping instances of iterators, enumerations, collections, etc.
ConsoleInterface The capabilities of a minimal console for BeanShell.
NameSource This interface supports name completion, which is used primarily for command line tools, etc.

Class Summary
BshClassManager BshClassManager manages all classloading in BeanShell.
BshMethod This represents an *instance* of a bsh method declaration in a particular namespace.
CallStack A stack of NameSpaces representing the call path.
Capabilities The map of extended features supported by the runtime in which we live.
CollectionManager The default CollectionManager (which remains Java 1.1 compatible) supports iteration over objects of type: Enumeration, Vector, String, StringBuffer and array.
CollectionManager.BasicBshIterator An implementation that works with JDK 1.1
Console Console startup class.
Interpreter The BeanShell script interpreter.
JavaCharStream An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (with java-like unicode escape processing).
NameSpace A namespace in which methods, variables, and imports (class names) live.
Parser This is the BeanShell parser.
Primitive Wrapper for primitive types in Bsh.
ReflectManager ReflectManager is a dynamically loaded extension that supports extended reflection features supported by JDK1.2 and greater.
Remote Remote executor class.
This 'This' is the type of bsh scripted objects.
Token Describes the input token stream.

Exception Summary
Capabilities.Unavailable An attempt was made to use an unavailable capability supported by an optional package.
EvalError EvalError indicates that we cannot continue evaluating the script or the script has thrown an exception.
InterpreterError An internal error in the interpreter has occurred.
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.
TargetError TargetError is an EvalError that wraps an exception thrown by the script (or by code called from the script).
UtilEvalError UtilEvalError is an error corresponding to an EvalError but thrown by a utility or other class that does not have the caller context (Node) available to it.
UtilTargetError UtilTargetError is an error corresponding to a TargetError but thrown by a utility or other class that does not have the caller context (Node) available to it.

Error Summary

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