Interface NameSource

All Known Implementing Classes:
BshClassPath, NameSpace

public interface NameSource

This interface supports name completion, which is used primarily for command line tools, etc. It provides a flat source of "names" in a space. For example all of the classes in the classpath or all of the variables in a namespace (or all of those).

NameSource is the lightest weight mechanism for sources which wish to support name completion. In the future it might be better for NameSpace to implement NameCompletion directly in a more native and efficient fasion. However in general name competion is used for human interaction and therefore does not require high performance.

See Also:
NameCompletion, NameCompletionTable

Nested Class Summary
static interface NameSource.Listener
Method Summary
 void addNameSourceListener(NameSource.Listener listener)
 java.lang.String[] getAllNames()

Method Detail


public java.lang.String[] getAllNames()


public void addNameSourceListener(NameSource.Listener listener)

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