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Packages that use Interpreter

Uses of Interpreter in bsh

Methods in bsh that return Interpreter
 Interpreter Interpreter.getParent()
          Get the parent Interpreter of this interpreter, if any.

Methods in bsh with parameters of type Interpreter
 java.lang.Object This.invokeMethod(java.lang.String methodName, java.lang.Object[] args, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack, bsh.SimpleNode callerInfo)
          Invoke a method in this namespace with the specified args, interpreter reference, callstack, and caller info.
static void This.bind(This ths, NameSpace namespace, Interpreter declaringInterpreter)
          Bind a This reference to a parent's namespace with the specified declaring interpreter.
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.get(java.lang.String name, Interpreter interpreter)
          Resolve name to an object through this namespace.
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.getCommand(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Class[] argTypes, Interpreter interpreter)
          A command is a scripted method or compiled command class implementing a specified method signature.
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.invokeMethod(java.lang.String methodName, java.lang.Object[] args, Interpreter interpreter)
          Invoke a method in this namespace with the specified args and interpreter reference.
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.invokeMethod(java.lang.String methodName, java.lang.Object[] args, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack, bsh.SimpleNode callerInfo)
          This method simply delegates to This.invokeMethod();
 java.lang.Object BshMethod.invoke(java.lang.Object[] argValues, Interpreter interpreter)
          Invoke the declared method with the specified arguments and interpreter reference.
 java.lang.Object BshMethod.invoke(java.lang.Object[] argValues, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack)
          Invoke the declared method with the specified arguments, interpreter reference, and callstack.
 java.lang.Object BshMethod.invoke(java.lang.Object[] argValues, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack, bsh.SimpleNode callerInfo)
          Invoke the bsh method with the specified args, interpreter ref, and callstack.

Constructors in bsh with parameters of type Interpreter
This(NameSpace namespace, Interpreter declaringInterpreter)
Interpreter( in, out, err, boolean interactive, NameSpace namespace, Interpreter parent, java.lang.String sourceFileInfo)
          The main constructor.

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