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Uses of ClassPathException in bsh.classpath

Methods in bsh.classpath that throw ClassPathException
 void ClassManagerImpl.reloadAllClasses()
          Overlay the entire path with a new class loader.
 void ClassManagerImpl.reloadClasses(java.lang.String[] classNames)
          Reloading classes means creating a new classloader and using it whenever we are asked for classes in the appropriate space.
 void ClassManagerImpl.reloadPackage(java.lang.String pack)
          Reload all classes in the specified package: e.g.
 BshClassPath ClassManagerImpl.getClassPath()
          Get the full blown classpath.
 java.lang.String ClassManagerImpl.getClassNameByUnqName(java.lang.String name)
          Return the name or null if none is found, Throw an ClassPathException containing detail if name is ambigous.
 java.lang.String BshClassPath.getClassNameByUnqName(java.lang.String name)
          Support for super import "*"; Get the full name associated with the unqualified name in this classpath.
static[] BshClassPath.getUserClassPathComponents()
static BshClassPath BshClassPath.getUserClassPath()
          A BshClassPath initialized to the user path from java.class.path
static BshClassPath BshClassPath.getBootClassPath()
          Get the boot path including the lib/rt.jar if possible.

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 void ClassBrowser.init()

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