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Re: BeanShell Thread Safety

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 11:24:02AM -0500, Chuck Irvine wrote:
> Pat,
> Sounds good, but, sorry, what is an "AST"? Thanks. 

Sorry...  I sort of pasted that response from an earlier email.

The internal parsed representation of the script is stored in nodes
(an "abstract syntax tree")

I believe these are thread safe...  If there are any cases where they are not
then it's a bug that I need to find...

> PS: Any idea on when the next release will roll out? Eagerly awaiting
> :-) Thanks, again.

I've been very bad about working on  the next release, but bsh has gotten
a lot of attention recently which should compel me to work again.

I am updating the web site now and will have more in a few days.