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BeanShell in the news...

On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 12:30:55AM -0500, MattTorrealto@aol.com wrote:
> There is an article at the JDJ that covers BeanShell.
> Check it out.
> http://www.sys-con.com/java/archives/0502/hightower/index.html
> There is also a poll about the best scripting languages for the JVM. If you 
> want, vote for BeanShell.
> http://www1.sys-con.com/forums/Thread.cfm?CFApp=2&Thread_ID=379&mc=25
> There is also a discussion at the JavaLobby. Again it would be nice to give 
> BeanShell some visibility.
> http://www.javalobby.org/servlet/News?action=displayStories&xsl=comment.xsl&fo
> rmat=full&id=510100000000342
> Read the article, vote, then go to the JavaLobby and tell people why 
> BeanShell is nice.

> JPython and NetRexx seem to be in the lead. My guess is that someone dropped
> a link on the JPython and NetRexx mailing list.... telling people to vote.
> Maybe you should send out the link on your mailing list?

> BeanShell received a few votes, but I think it could do much better if people
> who used BeanShell knew about the voting.

Thanks for letting us know Matt!

(P.S.  Let me know if anyone gets this mail more than once.)