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Hi, dear BeanShell users!

I have been thinking lately about a BeanShell manual. While Bsh is a
great software, lack of good manual is very bad thing. I am using
BeanShell for some time but its usage is limited to code similar to Java
simply because I don't know how to best utilize scripting language. It's
even not that I don't know how to do something but I suppose I simply
don't know that many bsh features even exists and don't know how to use

I don't know how much work it would take to write such a document, but
obviously Pat is too busy to write one so maybe we should gather few
people and help ourselves? :-) It's a way of free software, isn't it?

So... Is there anybody willing to be a manual team leader? Obviously I
am not a candidate because I wouldn't know what to write about. But I
could help in simpler tasks.


Max Gilead (gilead@linart.pl) http://3d.linart.krakow.pl/OfficinaArtificialis