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Re: Java compatibility [compilers, etc.]


Well, I have messed up a little in my previous post :-)

Pat wrote:

> As far as using the JDK compiler the only reason I'd shy away from that is
> that we can't freely distribute it...  If we can find an alternative we might
> consider that.

It's distributed in any JDK so it's not a problem. If it was, there is guavac or
jikes. Or (ideally) it can be left for user to choose he's preferred compiler.

> That is
> assuming we left the body of the code as interpreted.

Does it mean that you're talking about wrapping bsh script inside regular java
class? If I understand it right, you suggest that with this approach compiler
takes all methods defined in bsh script, creates a java class for it with
methods, constructors etc so that you can use it as a regular java class (eg.
extend it)? If so, it's THE solution IMHO.

> Another option that I've thought about in the past would be to have bsh be
> capable of reading a bsh script and spewing compilable Java code.

This would be the second thing that would make bsh a miracle :-)


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