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BeanShell Demos

BeanShell Demos - Unsigned Applets

This page test the capability of BeanShell to run as an applet in an untrusted / secure environment. In this case the BeanShell interpreter is running within the JVM of your web browser and is therefore limited by the applet security policy. Not all features of BeanShell are available in this environment. In particular, applets are not allowed inspect non-public members of objects or to create classloaders. This means that the BeanShell interpreter, when running in an applet, can only access public methods of public APIs and cannot define its own classes. You *can*, on the other hand, create Java interfaces and BeanShell scripted objects.

These applets have been compiled with Java 1.3 and are bundled with the full distribution jar. However, BeanShell supports limited functionality for versions of Java as early as 1.1 and a smaller JAR size can be achieved by distributing only the core components.

Swing Desktop - Unsigned Applet

To use the Swing based desktop in a separate top level frame. This requires the Java plug-in or other swing capable browser:

BeanShell Demo with Swing Desktop in Frame

Swing JConsole - Unsigned Applet

To use a single Swing enabled console (shell) embedded in the page with the Java plug-in or other swing capable browser:

BeanShell Demo with Swing Console

AWT Console - Unsigned Applet

To use the minimal (not very good) AWT based console that should work in any browser:

BeanShell Demo with simple AWT Console

For more information see the BeanShell home page: http://www.beanshell.org